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1200-3000A AC Recombiner, 800VAC, Main Breaker

660–800VAC BoS Family


EPEC Solutions presents the 660–800VAC BoS Family – a revolutionary line of AC Combiners and Recombiners designed to satisfy the requirements of solar collection for new 800VAC output string inverters. Specifically engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency, the 800-4000A, 800VAC (now with UL certified main breaker, amn industry first), stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the solar industry. This UL 891 certified Switchboard (SWBD) operates seamlessly within the 660–800VAC range, offering exceptional flexibility and reliability. With options for direct or cable connection to the Medium Voltage (MV) transformer, the switchboard streamlines installation, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free setup. The incorporation of electronic trip Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) on all feeders eliminates the risk of nuisance tripping. Moreover, the 100% rated MCCBs contribute to cable sizing reduction, optimizing overall efficiency and reducing costs. Designed with compactness in mind, the Recombiner boasts dimensions of 90″ × 60″ × 36″, ensuring optimal space utilization for both indoor and outdoor installations within a NEMA 3R-rated enclosure. We also offer 800VAC AC Inverter Disconnects, allowing for code compliant local disconnect of inverters feeding the switchboard. Backed by UL 891 certification, the EPEC Solutions 660–800VAC BoS Family 800-4000A switchboard not only complies with industry standards but also reflects our dedication to delivering reliable and innovative solutions to power the future of electrical systems. Elevate your power distribution confidently with EPEC Solutions, where excellence meets efficiency.


  • UL 891 certified SWBD 660-800VAC
  • Direct or cable connection to MV transformer
  • No nuisance tripping, electronic trip MCCBs on all feeders
  • Reduce cable sizing, 100% rated MCCBs
  • Compact, 90″ × 60″ × 36”

Local AC Inverter Disconnects

  • Designed for local disconnect of inverters feeding switchboard
  • NEMA 3R
  • UL508A certified