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400-1200A Freestanding UL-891 Switchboard EPEC Solutions
400–1200A Freestanding UL-891 Switchboard - EPEC Solutions
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400–1200A Freestanding UL-891 Switchboard - EPEC Solutions
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400-1200A, 480-600VAC Pad Mount AC Combiner

480-600VAC BoS Family


Introducing EPEC Solutions’ latest innovation – 400-1200A, 480-600VAC Pad Mount AC Combiner, a compact and powerful addition to our cutting-edge lineup. This versatile solution, equipped with LSIG, AERMS, and Main Lug options, caters to diverse applications with a remarkable 65kAIC short-circuit rating. The incorporation of electronic trip breakers ensures a stable power supply, while the use of 100% rated MCCBs allows for reduced cable sizing, contributing to overall cost savings and increased efficiency. Encased in a rugged NEMA 3R-rated enclosure, this combiner guarantees durability, making it ideal for outdoor installations. With streamlined cable connection to the Medium Voltage transformer and UL891 certification, EPEC Solutions reaffirms its commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and compliant electrical solutions.

Elevate your power distribution infrastructure with confidence – the EPEC 400-1200A Pad Mount AC Combiner is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in every detail. Trust in EPEC Solutions to meet the demands of modern electrical systems and propel your energy distribution into a new era of reliability and efficiency.


  • Main breaker, LSIG, AERMS, main lug option (up to 65kAIC @480 / 65kAIC @600)
  • No nuisance tripping, electronic trip breakers on main & all feeders
  • Reduce cable sizing, 100% rated MCCBs
  • Compact, 80″×42″×24″ (padmount)
  • Cable connection to MV transformer
  • NEMA 3R
  • UL891 certified