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208–600VAC Modular Switchboard

For Critical Power Applications

Product Details

  • 208VAC, 600VAC, 3P3W or 3P4W
  • UL / NEMA 1 or 3R
  • Main breaker ranges: 1200A – 5000A (6000A air cooled), MLO up to 6000A
  • Single ended or double ended (M-M or M-T-M)
  • Feeder ranges ACB: 1200A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A
  • Feeder ranges MCCB: 150AF, 250AF, 400AF, 600AF, 800AF, 1000AF
  • Feeder trip type: Thermal Mag or Electronic Trip
  • Interrupt Ratings:
    • 100kAIC @ 480VAC
    • 65kAIC @ 600VAC
  • Full front access, incoming / outgoing bottom or top entry
  • Direct bus / busway option (side) for main / ACB feeder
  • Control section M-T-M control schemes
  • Advanced diagnostics / metering / switching
208–600VAC Modular Switchboard - EPEC

Ample Power Capacity

  • Rated @ 5000A (6000A air cooled): meeting today’s AI data center power requirements

Future Proof Your Data Center

  • Utilize the latest circuit breaker technology from industry leader Siemens.
  • Modular switchboards: add additional sections as required.

NEMA 1 / 3R

  • Designed to accommodate indoor & outdoor power distribution requirements.
Modular Switchboard - EPEC
Circuit breakers - EPEC

Intelligence for Diagnostics, Metering and Switching

Future-Proof your Critical Power Application

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art Siemens 3VA6 / 3WA2 circuit breakers
  • Communications available for circuit-level metering, diagnostics, and control
  • Optional gateways for Modbus TCP or Profinet communications
1200–4000A EV Charging - EPEC Solutions

EPEC – A History of Reliability

  • Our switchboards power over a gigawatt in the challenging solar / storage / EV Industries