UL 891 Switchboards

Now available with up to 55% domestic content option

  • Available on most 480/600/800VAC BoS Family 400A-4000A SWBDs
  • 800A-4000A main breaker or MLO
  • Direct or cable connection to MV transformer
  • No nuisance tripping! Electronic trip MCCBs on main & all feeders
  • Reduce cable sizing! 100% rated MCCBs
  • Compact! Main breaker and up to 30 feeders in 90” x 60” x 36”

Additional Key Features:

  • UL 891 Switchboard Manufacturers:
    As one of the leading UL 891 switchboard manufacturers, EPEC Solutions provides top-notch products that meet stringent safety and performance standards.
  • UL 891 Deadfront Switchboard:
    Our UL 891 deadfront switchboards are designed for optimal safety, providing a secure and reliable solution for your electrical distribution needs.

EPEC Solutions is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art electrical components tailored to meet the high voltage demands of modern industries. Partner with us for unmatched quality and service in the realm of electrical switchboards.

Upgrade Your Electrical System with UL 891 Switchboards

Ready to upgrade your electrical system with our high-quality UL 891 switchboards? Contact EPEC Solar Solutions today to learn more about our comprehensive range of electrical switchboards and services. As the premier UL 891 switchboard manufacturer in the United States, we are committed to delivering solutions that power your success. We specialize in UL 891 deadfront switchboards, ensuring both safety and reliability in all our products.

Types :-

BoS Family


400-1000A, 480-600VAC Rack Mount MLO AC Combiner


400-1200A Freestanding UL-891 Switchboard

400-1200A Freestanding UL-891 Switchboard EPEC Solutions

400-1200A Rackmount Combiner

400-1200A Rackmount Combiner