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EPEC was founded in 2016 on the Christian principles of prayer, and servant leadership. Today we serve Solar and EV Charging industries with innovative products and solutions designed with our customer's specific needs in mind. 

The EPEC Family

As one of the best electrical switchboard manufacturer companies that sells solar specific equipment, our partners and manufacturers are full of passionate individuals ready to innovate the solar & EV charging industry with new and exciting ideas. Working with you, our customers to provide and innovate energy generation and distribution across North America.

Our Innovators

Ann Schutz
Brooks Wadsworth
Damien Silver

Chase Bixler

John MacAdam
Jermaine Sutton
Kristi Gilman
Kristin Comber
Mark Sauls
Racheal Roberts
Rob Simeone
Sydni Alvin
Shane Brinson
Stephen McPherson
Sam Wuest
Tammy Lassiter
Kimberly Sauls

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