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Custom Integrated Skids

Fully-Engineered Power Solutions


EPEC Solutions introduces Fully-Engineered Power Solutions – Custom Integrated Skids, a groundbreaking offering designed to simplify and optimize your power infrastructure needs. Our fully factory-integrated skids provide a comprehensive solution, seamlessly combining a medium voltage transformer, switchboard, inverters, auxiliary power, and SCADA systems in one cohesive unit.

Tailored to meet individual customer requirements, these skids offer the flexibility of custom designs or the efficiency of standard configurations. Our Full 3D design process ensures precision and accuracy, allowing you to visualize the skid’s layout and functionality before implementation. Moreover, each skid undergoes rigorous structural calculations, including assessments for wind, snow, and reaction loads, ensuring robustness and reliability. For added assurance, our skids come with the option of a Professional Engineer (PE) stamp, signifying compliance with engineering standards and regulations.

EPEC Solutions’ Fully-Engineered Power Solutions – Custom Integrated Skids represent a leap forward in power infrastructure design, delivering turnkey solutions that not only meet but exceed industry expectations. Elevate your power distribution with our integrated skids, where innovation, customization, and reliability converge for a seamless and efficient energy solution.

  • Full 3D design
  • Structural calculations (wind, snow, reaction loads) PE stamp available


  • Fully factory integrated: medium voltage transformer, switchboard, inverters, aux power, SCADA
  • Customer specific or standard designs