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Integrated Solar Skids

EV Charging


EPEC Solutions introduces a game-changing solution for seamless electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure – our Integrated EV Charging skids. This innovative offering brings together a Low Voltage (LV) substation specifically packaged for EV charging needs. With the inclusion of a Medium Voltage (MV) transformer, Switchboard (SWBD), and integrated metering/communications, this skid provides a fully integrated solution that streamlines EV charging station installations.

The advantages of our Integrated Solar Skids are evident in their factory integration. Engineered, assembled, and inspected within a controlled factory environment, these skids guarantee unparalleled quality and efficiency. Pre-building equipment in an environmentally controlled setting ensures optimal performance and reliability, while the factory integration approach significantly reduces field construction time. This not only enhances project efficiency but also allows for more projects to be completed each year, making EPEC Solutions the ideal choice for scalable and streamlined EV charging infrastructure development.

Elevate your EV charging stations with EPEC Solutions’ Integrated EV Charging Skids, where innovation meets efficiency for a sustainable and accelerated future of electric mobility.


  • Packaged LV substation for EV Charging
  • MV transformer + SWBD + metering / communications all factory integrated

Advantages of factory integration:

  • Quality: Skids are engineered, assembled and inspected in a factory environment
  • Efficiency: pre-build equipment in a environmentally controlled environment
  • Speed: less field construction time means more projects completed each year