660-800VAC AC Main Breaker Switchboards

UL 891 Certified Switchboards for PV Applications

Switchboards rated for application as AC combiner and recombiner, for use with 660VAC – 800VAC output string inverters. This switchboard features a main circuit breaker (ACB) and up to (20) feeder circuit breakers (MCCBs). Designed for maximum flexibility in AC collection, metering, connection to MVT and thermal management

Free Standing Switchboard, 800A-3000A

  • 660 – 800VAC, 3PH, 3P4W (wye), (90″x 60″x 36″)
  • Up to 4,000A bus
  • Interrupting Rating of 50KAIC @ 800VAC
  • Up to (20) MCCBs up to 300A each (100% rated), ETU
  • Up to (18) MCCBs up to 400A each (80% rated), TM
  • Cable or direct bus connection to MVT
  • UL listed main ACB, (LSIG, AERMS)
  • CT / PT / Revenue grade metering option
  • Surge suppressor option
  • Thermal management (cooling, heat) options
  • UL / NEMA 3R, thermally engineered, painted white enclosure

Accessories: N3R Local AC Disconnects

  • Local AC disconnects, 660VAC — 800VAC
  • N3R enclosure, 34″H x 17″W x 13″D
  • Distributed disconnect for inverters feeding switchboard
  • Non-fused style disconnect, 400A, with lockable external handle
  • (or) MCCB style disconnect, 300A with lockable external handle
  • Thermally engineered enclosure
660-800VAC AC Main Breaker Switchboards
660-800VAC BOS Equipment