660- 800VAC (MLO) AC Switchboards

UL 891 Certified Switchboards for PV Applications

Switchboards rated for application as an AC combiner or recombiner, for use with 660- 800VAC output string inverters. Designed for maximum flexibility in MCCB configuration, metering, connection to MVT and thermal management in an economical main lug only configuration

Free Standing 660-800VAC, MLO AC Recombiner

  • 800VAC, 3PH, 3W/4W (90″x 60″x 32″)
  • 2000 or 3,000A bus, drives up to 3,000 kVA transformer
  • Interrupting Rating of 35KAIC @ 800VAC
  • Up to (14) MCCBs up to 300A each (100% rated), TM or ETU trip, adjustable from 120A to 300A
  • Cable or direct bus connection to MVT
  • UL listed protective relay option (LSIG, AERMS) detail below
  • CT / PT / Revenue grade metering option
  • Surge suppressor option
  • Thermal management (cooling, heat) options
  • UL / NEMA 3R, painted white enclosure

LSIG & AERMS Protection for MLO Output

Optional UL listed protective relay (SEL 751A) provides LSIG trip and AERMS function for main lug only (MLO) output bus connection. Features of this option include:

Protective Relay Features / Protection Modes

  • (L) overload, (5) selective short circuit, (I) instantaneous short circuit, (0) ground fault protection
  • Arc Energy Reduction Maintenance Switch (AERMS) also known as “maintenance mode” relay settings redux by switch
  • “Local (LV) shunt trip protection”, each MCCB in the 800VAC switchboard is shunt tripped with indication upon fault (OR)
  • “Remote (MV) trip protection”, a trip signal is sent upstream to MV switchgear, vacuum interruptor, or recloser via MM mirrored bits)
  • Additional SEL Ethernet copper port, standard protocols for communications
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