Custom Panels UL Approved for PV Applications

UL certified AC combiner panels custom designed and manufactured for string inverter applications. UL 891, design and construction, UL 508A certification. These panels are thermally engineered for demanding solar applications, utilizing electronic trip MCCBs and painted our standard gloss white color.

Wall Mount 480VAC to 600VAC, 400-800A, MLO Output AC Combiner

  • Combines two to eight string inverters
  • 480VAC — 600VAC 3PH, 3W or 4W
  • 400A to 1,000A bus rating, MLO
  • Up to 250A Main MCCB option
  • 15A to 250A MCCBs, TM or ETU trip, 80% or 100% rated
  • Interrupt ratings up to 50kAIC @ 600VAC, 50kAIC @ 480VAC
  • Incoming cable size up to 350MCM
  • Outgoing cable up to 750MCM (3) cables per phase
  • NEMA 3R wall mount and NEMA 4 roof mount
  • UL 891 const / UL 508A certification (N3R)
  • UL508A const / UL 508A certification (N4)
AC Combiner Panels - EPEC Solutions