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AC Combiner - 400A to 1200A, 480-600VAC

Rack Mount AC Panel for Solar Collection

Main breaker rack mount platform for 480-600VAC PV applications. Supporting up to (10) feeders as an UL 891 AC combiner. Multiple feeder breaker size options and combinations available, with bus ampacity sized at 1500A. MVT connection via cable.

Product Details

  • UL 891 construction, UL 508A certification
  • 480 to 600VAC, 3PH, 4W (60″x 36″x 18″)
  • 400A to 1200A main breaker / 1500A bus rating
  • 100% rated main & feeder (option)
  • Main breaker LI or LSIG (ETU), LSIG with AERMS
  • Feeder ranges: 100AF, 150AF, 250AF
  • Feeder trip type: Thermal Mag or Electronic Trip
  • Interrupt Ratings:
  • 50kAIC @ 480VAC 50kAIC @ 600VAC
  • Surge suppressor option
  • Bottom entry / exit
  • Optional output CTs
  • Thermally engineered, air cooled above 800A
AC Combiner - EPEC Solutions