Neutral Grounding Transformer

Neutral Grounding Transformers perform a critical job in limiting ground fault current for photo voltaic applications. All our units are backed up with over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience and “Built like the Brooklyn Bridge” to serve you better with our trademark Innovation, Engineering, and Endurance. Each unit is custom designed and manufactured for a specific project and meets utilities requirements


  • Power up to 1000 kVA.
  • Up to 35 kV Class / 150 kV BIL.
  • Three Phase Zig-Zag or Wye/Delta Transformer. Dry Construction, copper or aluminum windings.
  • Manufactured following US and International UL, CE, IEC, CSA, ANSI and IEEE 32 standards.
  • VPI (Vacuum — Pressure Impregnation varnish with gas-fired oven curing).
  • Insulation Class 150, 180 and 220 available.


NGT’s are typically for outdoor installations and NEMA 3R is standard. Enclosures will be totally enclosed non ventilated as applicable.


  • Tamper proof enclosure.
  • Custom Terminations.
  • Issue of Certificate of Compliance and Test Reports.
  • Current Transformer
  • Potential Transformer

Additional View

Together with our customer partnership PM! has developed an exclusive feature of “AIR TERMINAL CHAMBERS” (ATC) for all medium voltage (15kV, 22kV, 35kV) applications. We can also provide our units with CT for ground fault current sensing and potential transformers, eliminating costly instrument cabinets.
Neutral Grounding Transformer - EPEC Solutions