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800VAC BOS Equipment - "EPEC PICS"

800VAC Protected Inverter Combiner Station (PICS)

Innovative BoS solution providing a distributed, protected station for 800VAC output string inverters. The EPEC PICS provides a rack-based group UL-1741 certification for 660VAC – 800VAC string inverters (most brands) matched with our 800VAC fusible output AC combiner. The PICS is designed to bring string inverter initial (CAPEX) investment closer to central inverters for large scale utility solar projects.

Typical Ratings

Protected Station Rack (distributed)

• Combines two (PICS 500) or up to four (PICS 1000) 660VAC to 800VAC inverters
• Inverter / Combiner combination group UL 1741 certified* with inverters
• Purchase combiner and field integrate
• (Or) purchase integrated from EPEC/QT
• No OCPD protection required between inverters and AC Combiner
• Integrated option engineered and tested for the worst-case environmental conditions in North America

AC Combiner

• 800VAC, 3PH, 3W + gnd, 65kAIC @ 800VAC
• Combines 2 to 4 AC string inverters
• Main bus 500A — 1100A, fused at 500A to 1100A
• Output NF Disconnect, meets NEC line of sight req.
• Incoming copper bar (landing up to 250MCM per inverter)
• Outgoing copper bar (up to 1000MCM, multiple per phase)
• 90C terminal ratings (incoming / outgoing)
• Lexan safety cover
• UL 1741* certification
• UL / NEMA 3R, thermally engineered enclosure

800VAC BOS Equipment - EPEC Solutions