AC Combiner — 400A to 1200A, 480-600VAC

Free Standing UL 891 Switchboard for Solar Collection

Main breaker free standing platform for 480-600VAC PV applications. Supporting up to (15) feeders as a UL 891 AC combiner. Multiple feeder breaker size options and combinations available, with bus a mpacity sized at 1500A. MVT connection via cable

Product Details

  • UL 891 construction & certification
  • 480 to 600VAC, 3PH, 4W (80″x 42″x 24″)
  • 400A to 1200A main breaker / 1500A bus rating
  • 100% rated main & feeder (option)
  • Main breaker LI or LSIG (ETU), LSIG with AERMS
  • Feeder ranges: 100AF, 150AF, 250AF, 400AF, 600AF
  • Feeder trip type: Thermal Mag or Electronic Trip
  • Interrupt Ratings:
  • > 65kAIC @ 480VAC
    > 65kAIC @ 600VAC

  • Surge suppressor option
  • Bottom entry / exit
  • Optional output CTs
  • Thermally engineered NEMA 3R enclosure
AC Combiner - EPEC Solutions