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480-600VAC BoS Family


EPEC, a leader in commercial and utility scale solar, offers our 480-600VAC balance of system switchboard line up designed from the ground up for solar applications. The 480-600VAC family, spanning from 400 to 4000A, can function as an AC combiner or recombiner. Choose either main circuit breaker style (with LSIG, AERMS protection) or main lug output. Robust fault current ratings of 100kAIC@480 / 65kAIC@600 accommodate either a direct bus connection or cable connection to MV transformers up to 3750kVA.

The compact footprint of our NEMA 3R unit (90”×60”×36”standard or our new 48” extended depth offering) packs the power you need in a space-efficient installation. Equipped with electronic trip breakers on both the main and feeders (frame size ranges: 150A, 250A, 400A, 600A, 800A and 1000A) and thermally engineered for demanding outdoor applications eliminate nuisance tripping. Finally, to enhance the cost effectiveness of your installation our switchboard family allows for reduced cable through utilization of 100% rated MCCBs.


  • Switchboard 1200–4000A (AC combiner or recombiner)
  • Main breaker, LSIG, AERMS, main lug option (up to 100kAIC @480 / 65kAIC @600)
  • Direct bus or cable connection to MV transformer
  • Compact, 90”×60”×36”
  • No nuisance tripping, electronic trip breakers on main & all feeders
  • Reduce cable sizing, 100% rated MCCBs
  • NEMA 3R (thermally engineered)
  • UL891 Certified