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Protected Inverter Combiner Station


EPEC Solutions proudly presents the Protected Inverter Combiner Station, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize solar energy systems. Crafted for 660–800VAC Output String Inverters, the PICS 1000 (1000kW) is independent of inverter manufacturers, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in your solar infrastructure.

Featuring 800A to 1125A rated bus / fused disconnect, this Combiner Station supports power block sizes of up to 5MW, boasting an impressive 65kAIC at 800Vac for reliable and efficient power distribution. With a unique design that eliminates the need for Overcurrent Protective Devices (OCPD) between inverters and the AC combiner, the station offers both virtual central and distributed configurations, combining the O&M advantages of string configurations with the cost-effectiveness of central inverter systems.

The Protected Inverter Combiner Station facilitates ease of installation, providing a fully-integrated plug-and-play option or the flexibility for self-installation. Currently pending UL 1741 group certification, it is tailored for use with renowned 660VAC to 800VAC inverter manufacturers such as: CPS, Delta, SMA, Solar Edge, Solis, Sungrow, with more being added.

Elevate your solar energy system with the Protected Inverter Combiner Station (PICS) from EPEC Solutions, where cutting-edge technology meets reliability, and innovation meets sustainability.


Protected Station for 660–800VAC Output String Inverters

  • PICS 1000 (1000kW), inverter mfg independent
  • 1125A rated bus, fused disconnect
  • Supports power block sizes of up to 5MW (65kAIC @ 800Vac)
  • No OCPD protection required between inverters and AC combiner
  • Virtual central or distributed configurations
  • Cost of centrals with the advantage of strings!
  • Fully-integrated plug and play or self-install
  • UL 1741 group certification pending

For use with the following inverter manufacturers

  • CPS
  • Delta
  • SMA
  • Solar Edge
  • Solis
  • Sungrow
  • Growing