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Modular Switchboard - EPEC SOlutions
Modular Switchboard - EPEC SOlutions
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Modular Switchboard - EPEC Solutions
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1200-6000A Modular SWBD

Estimated to Ship 4Q 2024


EPEC Solutions presents our 1200-6000A Modular Switchboard (SWBD), a groundbreaking solution meticulously designed from the ground up for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Solar, and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging applications. This modular switchboard represents the epitome of versatility and adaptability, addressing the unique needs of modern energy systems.

The SWBD features single ended or double ended options, including M-T-M and GenSET configurations, with a remarkable 5000A capacity (6000A air-cooled variant). Offering flexibility in connection options, it allows for either direct bus connection or cable connection to Medium Voltage Transformers (MVT). The multiple feeder sections support feeder sizes up to 2500A, ensuring seamless integration into various energy distribution setups.

Designed with a NEMA 3R-rated, multi-section configuration, this SWBD is built to withstand the elements, providing robustness and durability in outdoor installations. Additionally, it comes equipped with seismic ratings, ensuring stability in regions prone to seismic activity.

Elevate your energy infrastructure with EPEC Solutions’ 1200-6000A Modular SWBD, where innovation meets adaptability for a reliable and efficient power distribution in BESS, Solar, and EV Charging applications. Choose a future-ready solution that is designed to meet the dynamic demands of modern energy systems.

  • Multiple feeder sections with feeder sizes up to 2500A
  • NEMA 3R, multi-section design
  • Seismic ratings


  • Designed from ground up for BESS / Solar / EV Charging Applications
  • Multiple main sections (M-T-M,GenSET), 5000A (6000A air cooled)
  • Direct bus connection or cable connection to MVT