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Grounding Transformer / Line Reactors

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EPEC Solutions introduces our Grounding Transformers and Line Reactors, a critical component for ensuring safety and stability in electrical systems. Available for a wide range of applications, these transformers and reactors are designed to provide effective grounding solutions with specifications that meet the highest industry standards & proudly made in the USA.

Supporting voltage ranges from 480VAC up to 34.5kV, our Grounding Transformers and Line Reactors are versatile, catering to both single-phase and three-phase configurations with capacities ranging from 1kVA up to 4500kVA. The comprehensive range ensures that our solutions are adaptable to various electrical setups, providing flexibility and reliability.

Crafted with precision and innovation, our transformers and reactors undergo a Full 3D design process, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency in their performance. Housed in NEMA 3R-rated padmount enclosures, these products are built to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and longevity in diverse environmental conditions.

EPEC Solutions’ Grounding Transformers and Line Reactors exemplify our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for electrical infrastructure. Elevate your grounding solutions with our innovative and reliable products, where precision meets versatility for a safer and more stable electrical environment.


  • 480VAC up to 34.5kV
  • Single phase & three phase, 1kVA up to 4500kVA
  • Full 3D design
  • NEMA 3R padmount